I NEVER thought I'd share this. (open up!)

Hi Love,

I hope you’re having an amazing summer. Hands down, it’s my favorite season of the year. So, I’m feeling extra generous these days. :)

In that light, I’m sharing a tool with you, that up until I’ve only given my private clients.

Of course, mindset is key for success. Yet, I do find that some people have this wild notion that if they just meditate and affirm what they want, without having a financial strategy, a successful business will appear before their eyes.

I’m here to tell you, Love -- no.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are infinite possibilities. We’re capable of creating financial miracles. In super tough times, I’ve created a few myself.

But, and this is a big but -- temporary financial miracles, are not to be depended on to build a sustainable business. If you want consistent profitability and longevity, then you must have a financial strategy in place, that you take action on consistently.

If you’re ready to step into being CEO of your business, while having the wealth mindset and financial strategy to match, then keep opening up my emails, Love. For the rest of 2018, I’ll be sharing how to embody that and see the results in your bank account.

Also, now would be an excellent time to unsubscribe from my emails if you aren’t interested in being CEO of your business. Absolutely no hard feelings. I truly wish you well.

Still with me? Awesome.

Now the first strategic tool every CEO needs for longevity is a financial projection. Show me a CEO who isn’t intimately familiar with their current and future numbers, and I’ll show you a CEO who won’t be in that role for long.

I’m happy to share with you my financial projection template, also known as, my Cash Clarity Template. It has formulas in it too, to take away some of the more detailed busy work with putting a financial projection together. I’ve even included 2 ‘how to’ instruction videos with it, to make sure you’re in a great position to be crystal clear on your current and future numbers. Subscribe here to access the template.

Financial clarity is financial empowerment. This template can be your first step to greater financial empowerment in your business and life.

And, feel free to share this with your CEO friends. Business besties don’t let their business besties not be clear on their numbers.

Wealth Expert & Money Coach

P.S. If you have a wealth mindset and consistently work my template, success is almost inevitable in your business. Subscribe to learn how and download your Cash Clarity Template here. Cheers!