Love, Let’s Celebrate Gorgeous!

Hi Love,

Every once in a while, it’s good to take time out of your busy day to celebrate your achievements and to acknowledge the ground you have taken.

For you to see where you’ve gotten compared to where you’ve been.

What you’ve accomplished.

How you’ve grown.

It’s also a great idea to celebrate new goals that you’ve made… so you can envision yourself achieving them and know what it will feel like when you’ve gotten there.

My friend Christine Schlonski is hosting a LIVE, VIRTUAL Celebration in Berlin, Germany at the Brandenberg Gate… Yes that is right- the-must-see-spot in Berlin, right next to the American Embassy, the French Embassy and “next door” to the famous Adlon Hotel.

The celebration is on April 30th and you’ll be able to see it on FB live or Live if you are in Berlin!

When Christine told me about this celebration, I knew I had to invite you. She’s going to be having a champagne toast – and it’s strictly BYOB (bring your own bubbly! – or coffee, tea, whatever you feel like the time you are joining).

Here’s why I love for you to join the virtual party:

  1. Christine will help you celebrate your own achievements. Because, Love, you DESERVE to be celebrated!
  2. You’ll be the first to hear about how you can increase your own sales success (for free) to increase your income AND your impact on the world…
  3. Christine is giving away a free gift (it’s her party AND she’s giving gifts)…her Claim Your Power Meditation. This guided meditation will help you to feel so much better, stronger and confident and in your Power.

All you have to do to RSVP is go here and enter your information. You’ll automatically be taken to the private invite-only Facebook group where the live celebration will be taking place… so you can join and be ready to go on April 30th.

Hope to see you there,

P.S. Only people who have RSVP’d to the party will get the free guided meditation – and only those who attend will be the first to hear about what Christine has been planning for you (it’s worth it, I promise.) So don’t miss your chance – click here and RSVP now!