money listens to you. so stop saying this...

Hey Love,

I LOVE language -- especially when I use it to manifest the life I desire and to create more and more money.

I also adore working with my lovely clients. In my work, something I've noticed recently are 2 seemingly innocent words that cut off your cash flow. And as a Money Coach, you know I can't have that, right?

I'm super excited to share these 2 words with you so you take them out of your vocabulary, immediately.

To find out the 2 words that cut off your cash flow, watch this week's vlog >>> 2 More Words that Curse your Cash Flow <<<

Money has ears. It hears what you say about it, and about yourself. So, be mindful.

I'll see you in your inbox next week, Love.

Simone Craig
Your Money Coach

P.S. Please do share this information with your friends and family. I'd appreciate that Love. And so will they! ;) XO.