you don't have to stress like this anymore

Hi Love,

Something super important to understand about your money blocks is that they're not all bad. Nothing is.

Not only that, they are playing a pivotal role in your business and life right now. If you've connected with me already about working with me in my beta service, "What the F's the Block?", then great! This week's vlog will explain exactly why getting clear on what your block is, is so beneficial for you.

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Much Love,
Simone Craig
Your Money Coach

P.S. By the way, I've got a few spots left in my "What the F's the Block" service. I'll intuitively tune into what your specific block is. Then give you a 2-step action plan for how to transcend that block, and move forward. (Yay!)

Sound good? Even better is it's only $97. I'm handpicking who participates in this exclusive beta group. If you want in, reply to this email with, (1) What you want by December 31. 2017, (2) What's been getting in the way and (3) On a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being really important, and 1 being not important at all), tell me what number describes how important transcending a money block is for you right now. Talk soon, Love. xo