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I'd like you to meet kind-hearted Tabitha. Tabitha went from being in a feast or famine cycle of financial insecurity, to in the 1st week of the Abundance with Ease program, attracting 2 additional streams of income, and 5 months after completing the program, doubling her income. Here's more about her experience and results from the program, in her own words:

Before doing Simone's program, Abundance with Ease, I didn't feel financially stable at all. I was good at manifesting money and opportunities, but they didn't last. Something would happen where I'd get knocked back to square 1. Thanks to Simone's advice, that's changed. In the first week of the program, I manifested two additional streams of income! In the second week of the program, I received surprise money that paid for my investment in the program and then some! Also, I got a car! My money stretches farther than it used to. And, I'm loving all the new opportunities that continue to fall in my lap. Also, taking Simone's program has helped my imagination to expand and my creativity to increase.  Overall, I feel better about money. That's a miracle for me!
I highly recommend Abundance with Ease because Simone shares the real eye-opening secrets to consistent abundance. This program works and is still working!
UPDATE 5 months after completing the program:
I appreciate all that you have done for me and our family! Last week, I doubled my income and there is potential for more in the coming weeks. I'll be at my goal of $8K a month by the end of the year. Thank you!

--Tabitha Chaldaris, EFT and Wellness Practitioner

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This is the gorgeous, inside and out, Eva Shamou. She went from a financial setback to a financial breakthrough of $9,600. Here's what she said about the program:

I'm a stay-at-home Mom of 4 beautiful kids with a new business. My husband and I experienced a financial setback. I was scared and starting to feel the financial pressure of making ends meet. I took the advice in Simone's Abundance with Ease Program, to recite an effective affirmation and clear my money blocks. In the third week of the program, I manifested $8,000! By the end of the program, I manifested a total of $9,600! This is only the beginning of what I'm capable of manifesting for myself and my family.

--Eva Shamou, Owner of

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This is the ah-mazing, Dana Bailey. She went from wanting more to having $10,000 more. Here's what she said about the program:

I'm a writer and stay-at-home Mom of 2 kids, who are 4 and 1 years old. Before taking Simone's program, Abundance with Ease, I was in a pretty good place financially. But, I wanted more for me and my family. Using Simone's advice to recite an effective affirmation, I manifested $10,000! And, I've created an increase in my monthly cashflow. It didn't take working hard.  I see a noticable difference in my day when I don't recite my morning effective affirmation. When I'm consistent with it, magical things happen in my finances. Now, I'm ready to create more!
Thanks to Simone's advice, I have the confidence and know-how to create financial abundance again and again, with ease. 

--Dana, Writer

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This is my fabulous sister, Lauren. Her results were too good not to include! She went from work as an attorney she didn't enjoy, to 4 streams of income in work she loves + $10,000. Here's what she said about the program:

I'm so blessed to have an abundance coach as a sister! I was owed a large sum of money and I didn't feel financially secure. I was fed up with struggling financially in my business. I took Simone's advice to stop working so hard and I saw a remarkable improvement in my finances. During Simone's program, Abundance with Ease, my money blocks opened up and I began to implement additional streams of income, almost immediately. I started working full-time in my writing business, where I'm able to work from home and I doubled my rates. And, the $10,000 owed to me became available!
I now have four different streams of income. I'm doing what I love and being paid well for it!

--Lauren Craig, Glambassador, Writer & Owner of

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Simone C.
Money Magnet Mentor & Abundance Coach