Still waiting for your manifestation to arrive? THIS could be why.

Hi Love,

Summer’s really in full swing now, thank goodness! I’m a summer baby, so I love this time of year. Beach fun, holiday travel, and a pina colada by the pool is my kind of fun, Love.

Besides the beautiful weather, summer also brings a particular energy that’s key for the successful manifestation of your goals. I call it go-getter energy.

The optimal times of year to reflect, plan, and clear a new path forward are past us now. Now’s the time to execute on our goals with confidence, relaxed intensity, and vigor.

I share more about how to take advantage of this powerfully energetic time of year in this week’s vlog. Click here to watch.

In this week’s vlog, you’ll learn:

  1. How to do burden-free work,
  2. How to attract business success with more ease, and
  3. How to magnetize your financial goal to you, more swiftly.

Yes, you can make more money doing joyful work you love with ease. It doesn’t have to be burdensome, boring or hard. Check out this week’s vlog and learn how.

And, have a great weekend!

Wealth Expert & Money Coach