simple steps to success on your terms

Hi Love,

Hope all's great with you. We had a crazy storm here in Jersey the other day. My neighbors and I were talking about it, and from the looks of the damage in our neighborhood, it may have been a tornado.

The storm left us with no power. And in the middle of the summer -- not so fun.

Yet, I found myself appreciating that I wasn't worried about cashflow or my work schedule. I've set my business and life up in a way where I don't have to worry about those things.

I've created my own definition of success on my own terms.

Ready for success on your own terms? Here's how to have it in two simple steps. My definition of success is living the life you want to live and experiencing what you want to experience.
The first step to having success is to give yourself permission to do so.
Sounds simple enough, right? Sure, it's simple, but not necessarily easy.

So, what's preventing you from giving yourself full permission to have and enjoy success?

Convincing stories based on fear and doubt.

You're telling yourself some kind of story -- which is not based in reality, Love -- that convinces you out of your greatest vision for yourself.

If you want your business and life to be a success on your own terms, say goodbye to that story. Thank the story for how it's served you. Bless the story. Then, send it on its way to "the land of misfit stories". Or, send it to "not-my-story-anymore" island.

You have to cut yourself off from any and all excuses, which are forms of stories, for why you can't or won't have success. Only you can determine when you're done with struggling, suffering and not getting what you want out of life. That's 100% up to you.

Give yourself permission today to be successful.
The second step to having success is to "act as if" you're already successful.
Seems like fun, right? Sounds easy enough, yes? Sure, until it isn't.

You only need give yourself permission to be successful once. Yet, "acting as if" you are already successful requires consistent application in your business and life.

So, how do you "act as if"? Here are three very powerful questions to ask yourself:
  1. What thoughts would have to think to be successful?
  2. How would you feel if you were successful?
  3. What actions would you take if you were already successful?
Once you've written these insights down, put them into practice. Begin thinking these new thoughts, feeling these feelings, and taking those actions.

Finally, remember, how easily you'll be able to "act as if" is based on giving yourself full permission to have success.
Therefore, give yourself permission, first. Then, "act as if" you're being, living and experiencing life on your terms.
The world wants your brilliance! I look forward to seeing what you achieve.

Simone C.
Your Law of Attraction and Abundance Strategist

P.S. Share this post with your family and friends, so they can start achieving more in life too. See you next week!