What if you could manifest any dream, any time? You can, Love.

Hi Love,

Happy Friday! I know I don't normally email you on Fridays but I'm thrilled to share this with you.

The energy is high and wild right now... can you feel it? I sure can. At first, this big energy can be misinterpreted as 'out of control' or 'scary'. But the great news is, it doesn't have to be either.

Why? Well, because YOU create what you experience and most of all HOW you experience life. You always have and always will.

This is awesome news. Because that means, you can ALLOW this high and wild energy to flow in your body, life and business with no judgment. And with no judgment, you can then then DECIDE what the energy means. And in your decision of what the energy means, you then CREATE your life and business.

You with me? Yep, I know you are.

With that said, I've been doing lots of juicy interviews on money manifesting. And, I want you to know something:

Nothing you can imagine for your life is impossible for you to manifest. In fact, you can manifest any dream, at any time, into your life and business. (Really!)

And starting today, you can learn how, when you join me for a complimentary global summit, Ultimate Manifesting Summit: How to Achieve Absolutely Anything, Even If You Think It's Impossible.

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Become A Manifesting Master. 

In this summit, my friend Kyana has created an event that is so much more than your average summit. It's everything when it comes to manifesting abundance in any area of your life, because it brings together more than 20 experts to get real - and tell you everything you need to know to manifest your biggest dreams.

Whether you're a manifesting novice, or you want to hone the techniques that already work for you (and learn how to manifest even more powerfully), this is for you.

We can always reach higher - and achieve higher - when we have the right support.

Join us for the Ultimate Manifesting Summit and discover:

• Manifesting mistakes you may be making, and proven manifesting techniques that will allow you to finally bring what you want into your life.

• How to uncover and break through the limitations that stop you from manifesting whatyou truly desire.

• How to stop trying so hard and finally put the power of the flow to work in your life.

• And more.

In short, you'll discover that manifestation is powerful, powerful, stuff—and that you can discover exactly what it is, how to access it, and how to use it to help you achieve your dreams.

Kyana is the perfect person to host this summit. She was inspired to create this event because she knows what it feels like to want something really, really bad, but have zero sign that it's about to happen. After her third child was born, she started to feel frustrated that her cash flow wasn't growing as high and as fast as she wanted it to.

Then, Kyana got focused on what she really wanted and practiced opening up to that desire every day. And guess what? She manifested 6 figures in just 30 days! It blew her away so much, that she decided to explore how others—like you—can bust through their limits and achieve their impossible dreams.

Therefore, during this summit, you will finally understand how to really manifest so you can live your dreams in the most miraculous ways.

I'd love to see you there.

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Continue Your Manifesting Journey!

To your dreams,

Simone XO

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P.P.P.S. Have a great weekend! XO.