You've GOT to hear this story

Love, something amazing happened recently to a friend of mine.

She was on a call with her team when her business line rang. You know, that phone with the number she publishes on her website and social media for cold inquiries...the phone that, for most of us, almost NEVER rings?

The call was from someone she’s never talked with before. Someone she doesn’t even know for sure how exactly they found her.

And they were calling to ask about her highest-priced service – the one with the over $3,000 price tag.

A few hours later? That phone rang again.

And later that afternoon, it happened again.

In total, four different potential clients called her that day to ask about her most expensive service.

That’s over $13,000 in new client revenue inquiries in JUST ONE DAY.

And you know what? That’s not that unusual for her.

The friend I’m talking about is Karen Yankovich, and her secret? Is her LinkedIn strategy.

Karen has a system that she’s used to turn LinkedIn into a never-ending stream of inbound clients – people who regularly sign up for her high-ticket services, pretty much out of the blue.

But, of course, it’s not REALLY “out of the blue” at all.

Because, you see, Karen has a SYSTEM that’s bringing these people in.

Before they ever reach out to her…

  1. They connect with her...because she proactively finds them on LinkedIn after targeting them as potential buyers (which she does easily in just a few minutes a day);
  2. They trust her...because of her strong personal brand that inspires confidence in her abilities and the results she delivers;
  3. They’re thinking about her...because her engaging content campaigns keep her top of their feed and top of their minds;
  4. And they take action...because her clear call to action makes it easy to get in touch directly.

So when I say “out of the blue,” I really mean she’s engaging them in her LinkedIn strategy...and it’s naturally inviting them to become clients through a process that’s easy, authentic, and engaging.

But I have to confess...when Karen told me this story? I was kind of jealous.

Because I am NOT getting calls like that from LinkedIn all day!

Which is why I am REALLY excited to share this with you.

Karen just told me that next week, she’s going to offer a brand-new LIVE MASTERCLASS.

Honestly, I’ve seen a lot of people offer live workshops...but I’ve never seen anyone offer something quite like this.

She’s going to choose a limited number of people to “hotseat” during the live call – giving you PERSONAL advice on your LinkedIn profile and strategy!

Now, I know you’re really busy, but I REALLY encourage you to make the time to attend this LIVE...

Because this might be the most important hour you spend on your business in 2018.

---> Sign me up! I want clients falling out of the sky too.

On the masterclass, Karen will offer LIVE brainstorming with people on the call. You, Karen, and LinkedIn, perfect together. ;-)

You’ll tell her about your ideal client, and she’ll help you run the exact right searches to find them. You tell her how you want to be seen in this world, she’ll show you where to put those strategic important keywords so they find you.

But you’ve got to be there LIVE to get that personalized attention.

I am IN! Save my seat. <--

See you in the masterclass!

Wealth Expert & Money Coach

P.S. There are TWO times for this live class – Monday, June 18 at 11 am EST, and Tuesday, June 19 at 1 pm EST. Choose the time that’s perfect for you, and grab your spot in the hotseat!