Wendy and her bank account Won + how yours can too.

Hey Love,

Hope all's wonderful with you. I'll get right to it. :)

I got an awesome email from Wendy yesterday, a fellow money magnet. She's had a fantastic money win. What she shares in her email is so important. I had to share it with you. Here's what she said:

So how can you start to have (more) money wins like Wendy?

#1: Here's the thing: She tells you how in the second sentence of her email. She got results because she took action. I can share the best advice in the world with you about how to get your coin up. But I can't do it for you. You must take action to see a shift for the better in your finances.

#2: Also very important here: Wendy's wonderful. She's no better than or less than you. Wendy IS YOU. Wendy's money win is a reflection of the power within YOU to have all that you truly desire.

A way to activate that power is to celebrate Wendy's win as if it was your own. Any time you see a money win that you want, bless it and congratulate them. Oh my, abundance with fly to your doorstep... or right into your bank account. :)

Now, I'd love to hear from you. Ready to activate the power in you for more abundance? Leave a comment on this week's blog congratulating and blessing Wendy and her win. I'll see you there. Click here to comment.

Money Magnet Mentor & Abundance Coach

P.S. If you feel this information might benefit your loved ones, please do share this email with them. Much Love!