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Hi Love,

If making good money doing what you love is important to you, check this video out. (Click the pic below.)

Most entrepreneurs struggling in their first 3 years in business want the same thing -- to make good money doing what they love. So, they listen to various business experts advice. But, they can't afford to implement that advice yet.

For example, when I first started my bookkeeping business in 2007, the business advice I got was pretty consistent. I had to:

  • Pay for advertising, and
  • Work really hard. (And if I didn’t have the money to pay for advertising, I’d have to work even harder.)

The problem was I didn’t have a lot of money to invest in my new business. Not to mention, I’d just left a corporate gig working really hard doing the work of 3 people. Working that hard led me to being exhausted, stressed out and very unsatisfied with my life.

But after only 15 months in business, and spending a total of $15 (yes, $15) on advertising, I was making over $7,000 a month. And to boot, I did not have to work hard. As a matter of fact, creating a thriving new business while having time freedom to enjoy my life, was easy.

While my results so early on in business were impressive, they weren’t mysterious or due to luck. The techniques I used can be applied to anyone’s business who wants to make good money doing what they love. In fact, I’ve helped entrepreneurs of various backgrounds, ages and experience to create amazing results in their finances, including:

  • Lauren, a copywriter and author, left her job as an attorney in 2015 to pursue her passion for writing. After only 2 weeks in my program, she manifested $10,000. She's now earning a full-time income, as a self-employed writer working from home, on a part-time schedule.
  • Tabitha, an EFT practitioner and creative, co-created 2 additional streams of income after 1 week in my program. By the end of the program, she went from a job she didn’t enjoy, to working her dream job that includes her passion for EFT and improvisation. 5 months after completing the program, she's doubled her income.
  • Eva, a stay-at-home mom of 4, and beauty entrepreneur, manifested $8,000 after just 3 weeks in my program. 4 months after completing the program, she's co-created $50,000 in cash and assets.

In the next few days, I’m going to show you the common mistakes aspiring and new entrepreneurs make when trying to achieve their goal of making good money doing what they love. And I'm going to share a new system for having the income, creativity and time freedom you desire, with ease. Not long from now, you too can make good money in your business doing what you love -- and I’m looking forward to showing you how!

All the very Best,
Simone C.
Money Magnet Mentor & Abundance Coach