4 Simple Steps to Abundance Creation

Hey Love,

I hope this email finds you well! It's been a few weeks, so I wanted to check-in with you, to express my best wishes for the Thanksgiving holiday.

If you're wanting to keep your vibration high this week (family time can also be very challenging), focus on giving thanks. And if you want to kick it up a notch this week, and manifest more money or a financial opportunity in your business, focus on 4 things:

  1. What you want.
  2. Why you want it.
  3. Feeling grateful for what you have now.
  4. Feeling grateful in advance for the manifestation of what you want in your business.

Boom! Easy and simple, yes?

And hey, if you want more support keeping your vibe high for the holiday, check out the posts on my blog. Simply from applying the information I share there, people from all over the world are getting their coin up. Like the wonderful Wendy from the UK says here:


Notice she said she's "so thankful & grateful." :) I promise you she didn't become grateful as a result of the manifestation. Gratitude was one of the ways she used to create her money win. Then she had MORE to be grateful for.

Gratitude truly is the gateway to greater abundance creation.

Last but not least, I'll see you in your inbox Friday. I've got a MAJOR Black Friday sale happening. So be sure to open up this Friday! You DON'T WANT TO MISS IT.

In awesome gratitude,
Your Mindset Mentor & Abundance Coach

P.S. Here's that link to my blog again, Love. Click here for the blog. See you Friday. XO.