$ block release giveaway!

Hi Love!

Short and sweet today, dear. I've got a gift for you. :)

This month, we've been clearing money blocks baby! If you've been following through on the advice on how to knock out what's blocking you from more money in the last few weeks, then you're in a great place. 

It may not feel good for them to be up for you, Love. Totally get it. But remember, your money blocks come up to be cleared out.

So to support you in continuing to clear out your money blocks, I'm gifting you with my Clear & Uproot a Money Block meditation. It's a $67 dollar value that's your complimentary.

It pays to open up my emails, huh? :)

Happy Meditating,
Simone Craig XO
Your Money Coach

P.S. You must be aware of 1 or 2 money blocks right now. Let's be done with it this month. Download the Clear & Uproot A Money Block meditation here. Feel free to share this with your family and friends.

P.S.S. Have you registered for The Rewire Summit yet? An incredible lineup of mindset experts will be there. Here's that link again. The Rewire Summit