Love, let go of your worry and overwhelm about money.

Hey Love,

Is worrying about money keeping you up at night?

Does thinking about your finances cause feelings of shame or embarrassment?

You’re a smart woman so you think you should know how to manage and grow your money but you are afraid to ask for help.

Or have you been struggling to have a breakthrough in your income to the next level and getting paid what you deserve for your gifts and talents?

My friend and colleague, Sheila Netti, has created a single resource for you, where you can receive all of the insider secrets, tools and strategies YOU need to truly become FINANCIALLY CONFIDENT. It only seems like everyone else has it all together but trust me, they don’t.

Sheila will share her own personal struggle with money and how her limiting beliefs and fear of scarcity around money prevented her from asking for the money she deserved and left her with a huge amount of debt. Sheila finally learned what it took to attract true wealth, create financial freedom and was able to comfortably retire at 55 from corporate America. 

Sheila has brought together over 21 TOP industry experts, including me! These experts are the leaders in their industries!  Sheila has an incredible lineup of Bestselling Authors; TEDx Speakers; Wealth and Money Coaches; Finance Professionals; Sales and Business Coaches; Real Estate Investors; Empowerment Mentors and others! Women who are sharing this “virtual podium” to give YOU the answers you have been looking for.

If you want to become EMPOWERED, EDUCATED and in CONTROL of your finances, and truly have the money and wealth that you deserve, then go ahead and click here

You will walk away from this FREE virtual event with the insider secrets, tools and strategies on how to:

  • Learn the simple but powerful practices to shift your money beliefs and change your relationship with money!
  • Manage your finances simply and easily.
  • Release your limitations and breakthrough your inner income glass ceilings.
  • Become a conscious spender.
  • Invest and protect your money to create the lifestyle you have only dreamed about.
  • Open to generosity being the new way to allow you to receive more money in your life.

Sheila has asked me to speak on this FREE virtual event, and I am so thrilled and excited to share the stage with so many amazing women.

I look forward to seeing you as you take your FREE virtual seat at the event! 

Your money coach,

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