Love, here's Working Links + Personal Insights on 90 Day Year & YOU!

Hey Love,

Apologies for all the broken links. I don't believe in coincidences.... like AT ALL. Allow me admit something...

I've been in resistance to sending emails about this to you. I had all kinds of assumptions about what was okay, or too much, to send you about Todd Herman and the 90 Day Year. Even though it's transformed my business and life! (Sounds cliché. But it's 100% true.)

But I'm literally, OVER IT right now. My conflicting beliefs were responsible for the broken links. Nothing else.

I want to... no, I WOULD LOVE TO, share with you exactly why signing up for the 90 Day Year is the best thing you can do for your business, RIGHT NOW.

  1. First of all, you have like, 3 Hours left to sign up. :)
  2. I have been in the online business space since 2012. I have taken many programs, low-end and high-end, in that time, to move my business forward, and have the impact in my clients lives and in the world that I wanted. NO other program helped me to do that the way the 90 Day Year has. It's simple. It's brilliant. It's straightforward. It frees up your time, helps you get more sleep at night, and helps you enjoy an actual LIFE, instead being in constant hustle mode on a bridge to nowhere in your business.
Excuse my language, but it's time to get off that fucking bridge. You know it and so do I. You can pretend that you can keep doing it on your own. Or pretend that maybe if you just keep asking new, more or different questions, without investing in anything, that you'll be able to make great progress in your business.

But let's stop pretending. You won't. BUSINESS SUCCESS TAKES CONSISTENT, HIGH-VALUE, ACTION ON YOUR PART AS A BUSINESS OWNER. You can feel that's true right?

Problem is, most entrepreneurs don't know what the heck that is! Haha. I certainly didn't.

That is until I took Todd's program, The 90 Day Year.

The results you ask? Let me share again....
I’ve experienced:
  • my email list doubled to over 1,000 wonderful peeps,
  • I pre-sold, launched and created a full membership site... in 2 weeks.
  • 90 days later, I launched my flagship program, Abundance with Ease, and now enjoying our active Facebook group with kind-hearted, go-getter entrepreneurs having money and abundance wins, and inspiring each other to greater.
  • 60 days later, I added another team member to my bookkeeping business who ROCKS, and affords me more time to focus on building my businesses.
Mind you, I'm a single mom with limits on time I have to give to my businesses.

This program is NO JOKE. Neither is your business. Neither is your time. Neither is your coin. All of them will be greatly served by signing up for The 90 Day Year, you only have at most a few hours left. Sign up now before it's too late.

It's time to stop PLAYING business owner and start BEING one. And please don't come to me with 'I don't have the money'. He offers a payment plan. Everything's doable with a payment plan. YES YOU CAN.

Law of Attraction and Abundance Strategist

P.S. Great job reading all the way through. That means you're fucking serious. And so am I, Love. That's why, if you sign-up right now. I will give you:

  1. Free access to my stellar mindset training program, 'How to Make Money Fall in Love with your Bank Account'. 80% of your results in your business are due to mindset. 20% are due to strategy. With my mindset program + Todd's winning strategy program, that will make you an abundant, unstoppable WINNER in your business and life.
  2. You'll also receive 2 1-on1 private coaching sessions with me, for extra support. Okay, EPIC support.

These bonuses are a total value of $1,000. Sign-up here. And talk soon. XO, Simone