Your dream life manifest! We start Monday, don't miss it!

Hi Love,

Imagine waking up everyday with a burning love inside of you and knowing that this passion - this fire lit inside - could make you lots of money. Awesome, right?

I want you to meet my friend and collaborator Corrina Steward.  She is a Soul Wealth Coach and when she invited me to team up with her for The Soul Wealth Revolution, I said YES!

Here's why:

As you know, I'm deeply committed to helping you get your mind right and your coin UP to create a thriving business and life you love. You know I'll go the extra mile to ensure that you're receiving the information you require to create massive abundance in your life.

Corrina and I wholeheartedly agree -- Money IS Love -- AND that this ever-expanding "love money" is your Soul's Wealth, an infinite source of money and abundance inside of you.

When I struggled in my personal life, even though I'd built a 6-figure business, it negatively affected my business. So much so, that I almost lost my business. What got me through that rough time was realizing the solution was ME... specifically, how I think about, feel about and treat myself.

That mindset shift is what's brought me to where I am in my business and life today -- running a thriving business I love AND loving my personal life too. That's why Corrina invited me to join her and 21 other Soul Wealth leaders to awaken your infinite wealth, your dream life and your power to make a difference in the world.

Corrina's approach to a speaker's series is different.  Each interview is a catalyst into your soul's wealth.  You will be transformed simply by participating in the summit!

Reserve your spot in this revolutionary event with this special link:

The Soul Wealth Revolution will energize and transform you to:

  • Connect with your higher purpose and your dream life;
  • Become a money manifester to create an abundant foundation in your life and make a big impact on the world;
  • Embody your soul's wealth physically - from your home, to your wardrobe, to your will experience a shift into your infinite wealth;
  • Activate your wealth through an abundant mind and clearing your past money limitations; and
  • Know the steps to creating your dream business through your soul's wealth.

The opportunity to join us is limited, so reserve your spot right away.

Corrina's story is inspiring.

A year ago she nearly died while giving birth to her son.  Having survived that experience, she decided that there was no time to waste in her life.  She was led to "activate" her wealth through her soul so she could do her soul's work.

Following her intuition and her soul's codes (the signs!) she manifested her dream life living in the Caribbean, making a 6-figure income and launching the Money is Love movement. 

Like Corrina, I know that life doesn't need to be a struggle and with the right tools, guidance and personal energy shifts, you can have the life of your dreams, create wealth and powerfully make a difference in the world.

Corrina's gathered some of the world's leading experts on how to awaken your wealth...will you join us?

Simone Craig
Your Money Mindset Mentor & Abundance Coach

P.S. You came here to experience your soul's wealth, Love!  It's not only your birthright, it's the most powerful tool you have to making money and creating your dream life.

The chance to experience The Soul Wealth Revolution will not last.  You can grab your exclusive spot here: See you there. XO.