want to be unstoppable in 2018? (open up.)

Hi Love,

Are you a miracle high-level achiever? Or maybe you prefer the term, “achievement junkie?” You're always working hard, going beyond what's expected. Being goal-oriented is good, right? Just like being results-focused is good. What would it look like to train your mind to be UNSTOPPABLE?

If you only knew the habits of ELITE high performers, you could break through the glass ceiling.

Stop and think about how you're working - what comes to mind? Are you putting in the hours, without really getting much done, and you’re on the verge of burnout lacking results with productivity? Do you use caffeine or sugar to keep your energy levels up, because they'd otherwise plummet? Are you lacking clarity of which direction your career or life should turn to?

Here’s the thing: being a high-level achiever doesn't have to mean you should work incessantly or stay at the same level.

My friend and colleague Suja Johnkutty, MD, has a passion for helping people like you to thrive and rewire their mindset, so she's created a brand new, complimentary online event, The Achiever’s Edge: Train Your Mind to Attract and Sustain Massive Success and Reach Your Personal Potential Faster.

It brings together over 30 success experts to share our secrets for training your mind to excel beyond the extraordinary while maintaining your and well-being.

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When you go to the link above and sign up to join the Best-selling authors, World Greatest Speakers, TEdx speakers, Physicians, and coaches Dr. Johnkutty has lined up, you'll hear proven strategies for thriving beyond your drive to accelerate your growth to being an elite high performer.

You'll discover:

  • Effective, cutting-edge techniques for training your mindset, so you can enjoy your life’s passion AND the non-job aspects of your life, like hobbies and time with your family and friends.
  • Simple high performer hacks that will provide you with more energy, clarity, productivity, psychology, courage and influence WITHOUT having a negative impact on your health.
  • Effective ways to overcome the stagnant level of success that inevitably results from pushing yourself to exhaustion and learn what high performers use for their go-to habits with more time for fun.
  • And so much more!

If you're ready to be a high-performer in a different way—a way that fuels and maintains your health rather than draining it—then you'll definitely want to join us for these concise, powerful interviews, where you'll get concrete tools for maintaining the thrive without losing your drive and training your mind beyond your current level.

Dr. Suja is a neurologist and Certified High Performance Coach who specializes in helping her clients to adopt a fearless way of living to become the highest version of themselves. Over time, she's realized that the successful people are often high-level achievers, and they're accustomed to pushing themselves to the edge of exhaustion.

While maintaining success many of them suffer from high stress levels, lack of clarity, low productivity, and a lack of fulfillment … and that's why she's decided to offer The Achiever’s Edge -- to reach people like you, for whom learning high performance habits will make a huge positive impact.

In fact, this event promises to be so powerful that I'm speaking as well.

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Look forward to "seeing" you on the summit!

Abundantly Yours,

P.S. You CAN be a high performer without feeling stressed and unfulfilled. We'll show you how! Sign up here to join us for The Achiever’s Edge: Train Your Mind to Attract and Sustain Massive Success and Reach Your Potential Faster.

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