I initially said "no"

Hey Love,

When I first heard about the 90 Day Year last winter, my initial reaction was “HELL NO”. Haha.

My “OWW” Brain spouted out dozens of reasons why it wasn’t a good fit.

  • I couldn’t justify the investment
  • The timing wasn’t right
  • I was unsure if my current business was the one I wanted to grow

And I’ll admit…

It took a crazy leap of faith in the eleventh hour to get myself over the hump.

But looking back, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For in the months that followed, I’ve experienced:

  • my email list doubled to over 1,000 wonderful peeps,
  • I pre-sold, launched and created a full membership site... in 2 weeks.
  • 90 days later, I launched my flagship program, Abundance with Ease, and now enjoying our active Facebook group with kind-hearted, go-getter entrepreneurs having money and abundance wins, and inspiring each other to greater.
  • 60 days later, I added another team member to my bookkeeping business who ROCKS, and affords me more time to focus on building my businesses.
Mind you, I'm a single mom with limits on time I have to give to my businesses.

When it comes to a having an abundance mindset, a vital component for business success, I've got it. And, it's always improving and expanding.

When it comes to making major, high-value steps in your business... (i.e. Getting Ish Done!), Todd Herman's your man.

And now, out of PURE LOVING DUTY….

I’m here to give you that friendly nudge I needed 6 months ago.

To take you by the hand, walk you through, and tell ya… it’s all going to be alright. :)

Because here’s the thing,

It’s not about WHAT gets you into the game…

… It’s about getting onto the field that matters.

And then meeting the coach and teammates that propel you to new levels of success.

And this little moment right now?

The tense nerves and sweaty palms will be nothing but a fun footnote 3 months from now…

A fun story you tell other 90 Day Year members when you meet them in Vegas to share your big wins and plan out your next 90 days.

But only if you punch your ticket now.

Deep Breath.

See you inside.

Law of Attraction and Abundance Strategist