[No-cost interview series] Clarify Your Dream – Live Your Purpose.

Hi Love,

If you're a millennial, and/or new entrepreneur you’re part of a generation of talented, creative individuals who absolutely can help shift the planet with your gifts.

You’d probably love nothing more than to live your purpose, right? And to enjoy the freedom, stability, and abundance that come with it?

But maybe you’re stuck. You’re not sure HOW to live your purpose, and even worse, sometimes a little voice inside of you pipes up, questioning your ability to do so (and to profit from it).

I have good news: you CAN maximize your potential, break through limiting beliefs, and discover specific strategies for claiming an awesome life of freedom!

Learn how, when you join me and over 21 major influencers starting February 12 for The Millennial Spirit: How To Clarify Your Dream, Unleash Your Full Potential, And Make Money While Living Your Purpose, a complimentary interview series hosted by my friend and colleague, Christina Miglino—artist, empowerment coach, spiritual counselor, and public speaker.

Reserve your spot here, now, at no cost:

Claim Your Awesome Life Of Freedom! 

When you go to the link above and join us for this powerful series of genuine, short-and-sweet conversations with successful entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, best-selling authors, and healers who have developed and crafted their work around living a meaningful life, you’ll get practical advice, tools, and strategies for becoming clearer on your vision for your work in the world, while aligning your mindset with abundance.

Specifically, you'll learn:

How to get clear on your potential and purpose, without the overwhelm (no more feeling like it’s just impossible to figure out what to do next!).  

  • Strategies for profiting from your unique experience, so you can make money living your purpose.
  • How to break through limiting beliefs and patterns that hold you back from living your dreams.
  • How to grow your mind and your business, without sacrificing your true, authentic, and rad self.  
  • One critical key to bringing your vision to life successfully (you don’t want to miss this!).  
  • How to create flexibility in your schedule, so you can prioritize the things you love.
  • And so much more.

In short, you'll discover how to claim your power, and bust through whatever it is blocking your forward progress … so you can finally move powerfully into abundance in all areas!

Christina is the perfect person to host this interview series, because she knows what it’s like to wake up every day feeling the resistance that comes from knowing you aren’t on the right path, living your purpose. Her “rock bottom” came while being in a destructive relationship, holding three jobs, and still not having enough money, or enough time for her loved ones. When her little sister passed away, Christina became acutely and painfully aware of our limited time on this planet.

She hired a therapist and a coach to help her recognize her own power and potential. She learned how to become an active creator in her life—a life that would be in service to others. And by doing so, she discovered how to have the stability, flexibility, and freedom in her work that she so desired.

Now, Christina is committed to having it all! She plans her work around her life, not the other way around, and she’s hosting this interview series to empower YOU to recognize your power, move into your potential, and experience your purpose … so you can live the same life of FREEDOM and SERVICE that she does!

I'm really looking forward to this video series; I plan to attend as a listener and as a speaker, and hope to “see” you there.

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Finally: Become An Active Creator Of Your Dream Life. 

Remember, The Millennial Spirit begins February 12, and you can listen in from anywhere!  Join us … we’re coming together to support you in living your most joyful, best life, and getting clear on what the Universe needs from you so that you are empowered to make major moves into the next phase of your vision.

To an abundant life,


P.S. Life is so precious! How much longer will you go on, wishing you were making the impact you were born to make … NOT living your TRUE calling? NOW is the time to create the life you want. Find out how by joining us for The Millennial Spirit: How To Clarify Your Dream, Unleash Your Full Potential, And Make Money While Living Your Purpose, starting February 12. Reserve your spot here, at no cost:  

Make An Impact—Live Your BEST Self.