Love, my personal Invitation to you!

Hi Love,

Today is YOUR day! Today is the day that you wake up and play full out, the day you give up all limiting beliefs around money and reclaim your power over every area of your life! It’s possible. Right here. Right NOW!  

I am SO excited to announce a collaboration with fellow transformational coach, Karimah Stewart, that will leave you feeling joyful, powerful, limitless, and on your way to infinite wealth!!

Because you are a valued member of my community, I have a complimentary spot saved for you HERE.

I teamed up with Karimah because I know that when you unapologetically step into your power and understand the unlimited abundance of the universe, anything AND EVERYTHING is possible!!

You will apply tried and true tools that will shift your paradigm to cultivate the meaningful experiences that you have always wanted for you and your family!

Come join me in this free online event: Money Joy Master Class: Transform Your Money Relationship from Broke to Abundant for More Flow, Joy, & Infinite Wealth Now 

Karimah is collaborating with 21 powerhouse influencers around the world in the fields of money mindset, personal empowerment, and true wealth building.

In just 25 minutes each, these experts share vulnerably how they turned their wounds to wisdom and moved from breakdown to breakthrough! Honest “no frills” answers, personal experiences, and practical applications so that you can start living the life you so richly deserve!


  • Mind-Altering Paradigm shifts that will “shake up” scarcity and put you on the path to regaining your power over money
  • Essential mind strategies to bust through limiting beliefs and eradicate your financial plateaus
  • How to tap into the unlimited wealth through forgiveness, getting rid of shame, and neutralizing your money fears
  • Community: You are not alone on this journey of reawakening to who you really are

If you are ready to experience a renewed hope and a path to a more peaceful and prosperous money relationship, Join me HERE

I can’t wait to “see” you there!