Hello & Thank you. + Black Friday, baby.

Hi there Love,

I wanted to take a quick moment to connect with you, and thank you for not only subscribing to my emails, but also, for taking the time to read them. I'm often overwhelmed with all the emails I receive. So I don't take for granted that you are choosing to read mine, right now.

As you may know, I like to keep my emails to you short and sweet. In that light, I simply want to say thank you. Thank you for starting a business you love that's devoted to helping improve and enhance the lives of your clients and customers. Thank you for going for it. Thank you for not giving up, even when it's tough. Thank you for believing in yourself and in your message. Thank you for keeping the faith that you can an impact and enjoy the lifestyle you desire, even when life's circumstances can cause you to doubt it's truly possible for you.

Personally, I'm on holiday all week and it feels amazing. I invite you to do the same -- take time to rest and relax, after all you've given and achieved this year. And then...

...remember that 2017 isn't over yet. You can still close out this year strong, mentally, emotionally and financially. This last month and a half can be a launchpad into an amazing 2018.

To support you in that, I'm doing a LIVE run of my 5-Day Coin UP Challenge this coming Monday, the 27th. Even if you've participated before, there's always an opportunity to discover more gold within you, and to manifest more money in your bank account. So if another $1,000 or more in your business by next Friday sounds good to you, sign-up here >>> 5-Day Coin UP Challenge <<<

And, I'll see you there, Love.

Many blessings and massive abundance,

P.S. Oh yes, and it's going to be a very black Friday here at SRC International. Like 50% off everything, black. :) Look out for my 6AM EST email then. XO.