inspired to record this for you, Love

Hi Love,

Happy Thursday! I recorded a livestream on my FB channel with you in mind today.

Now's not the time to give up or give in. It's time to hunker down and keep moving forward. We're almost to the end of 2017, yes. And September still leaves you plenty of time to execute on a plan towards your goals.

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Much Love,
Simone Craig
Your Money Coach

P.S. Online entrepreneurship can be quite lonely, Love. But, you don't have to go this alone. If you haven't already joined the Coin UP Challenge, I highly recommend it. The group is super supportive. It may just be the inspiration and support you need right now. You can register here:

And if you have taken the challenge before, stop by the Facebook group, and encourage others. A great way to attract more abundance in your business and life, is to celebrate others money wins. See you there! <3