[INVITE] Live Webinar w/ Todd Herman

Hey Love,


Maybe it’s cause he comes from the world of Olympic Sport and Fortune 100 Business where “the dramatics’ are pretty much the norm…

But oh my, is Todd ever dialing up the drama on this one.

On Wednesday, June 22nd at 1pm  & 7pm Eastern, Todd is hosting a special LIVE webinar.

And before you go on thinking that this will simply be a live ‘rehashing” of everything we’ve already covered inside the 90 Day Year Business Achievement Masterclass Series…

Let me tell you…

That would be HUGE mistake.

Because not only will Todd be breaking COMPLETELY new ground here (saving the best for last)…

… He’ll also be revealing his craziest, most life-changing (literally) BONUS yet.

I won’t spoil the surprise.

But I will tell you this…

The new BONUS that Todd will be revealing is a special, step-by-step technique that he uses to get his athletic and business clients “into the zone” on command.

It’s a technique that allows you to essentially get out of your own way and fully embody the TOP PERFORMER within you that’s capable of doing absolutely anything.

It’s pretty much the definition of a “Secret Edge”

And something you can reliably lean on anytime you get stuck on a task that “YOU” are not particularly up for:

>>> Making a sales call
>>> Hiring or firing a team member
>>> Writing an email or sales letter
>>> Launching a new ad campaign
>>> Meeting new partners or collaborators at a conference

Imagine being completely fearless in the face of the activities you used to cleverly avoid?

Yep. It’s that powerful.

You won’t find it ANYWHERE else. (the technique is 100% unique to Todd)

And the only way you can get access to it is by registering for the special 90 Day Year Live Webinar…

… and then staying till the very end for the big reveal.

As a fun aside… apparently those fancy glasses Todd rocks so well are actually a part of this technique

(hmmm… very interesting)

Register now to see the SECRET TECHNIQUE revealed LIVE

Law of Attraction and Abundance Strategist

P.S. I’m told that Todd will also open up the Q&A lines so that you can ask your biggest questions about the 90 Day Year Program.

I’ve been on these calls with Todd before…

He’s a straight shooter and will get straight to the point in letting you know if you’re the right type of person to plug yourself into the 90 Day Year System and achieve jaw-dropping results in your business.

So if you’re on the fence…

Or even if you’ve already decided you’ll be joining me inside the program, but simply love the dramatics of a major announcement.

Then sign up now and watch LIVE as the curtain gets pulled back on perhaps the most powerful performance technique you’ll ever experience.