this good thing's coming to an end

Hi Love,

I hope you had a great weekend! I did some summer cleaning and started a major overhaul of my living area. I refreshed my book collection and began the process of replacing most of my furniture.

Personally, I've been clearing out the old and outdated to make way for the new and upleveled. And the same is happening in my business.

My current prices are coming to an end. My program and service prices are going up Friday, August 18th. Here's a list of my current offerings and here's why:

  • I wanted to be reasonably priced for people with money challenges. But what I've learned is that being reasonably priced, has turned into my work being undervalued.
  • Based on my client's results -- to name a few, generating 6 figures in just 2 months, a 6700% return on program investment, and not to mention a 101,400% return on program investment... yes, that' right. :) One of my client's manifested a 101,400% return on her program investment, after just 1 month of working with me. A clear sign my programs and services are underpriced.
  • Walking my talk. With my proven manifestation system, pricing that's reasonable, underpriced and then undervalued isn't appropriate. It's pricing based on my old money blocks. Everyone has them! It's time, like my old furniture, to be cleared out.

Ultimately, as a Money Coach, it's a disservice to you if I'm not honoring the value of my work and expertise. I have offerings at a wide range of investment levels.

If you want to manifest stellar results with my proven manifestation system, and lock in my old pricing, make a deposit towards a program or service now.

This is an exclusive offer for my email subscribers ONLY. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your finances swiftly, for a down payment of $97. This offer expires August 17th.

If you have any questions about pricing changes, feel free to respond to this email. We'll respond quickly.

Simone 'Upleveling' Craig
Your Money Coach

P.S. Everything's doable with a payment plan, Love. If you really want to work with me, and you're committed to giving 100% to the process, we'll make it work. XO.