3 common myths entrepreneurs believe that block abundance

Hi Love,

To learn the 3 common myths entrepreneurs believe that block abundance, watch this video. (Click the pic below.)

Most entrepreneurs in their first 3 years of business are excited about the prospect of making good money doing what they love. And we’ve already seen that it can happen.

I shared my own results as a new entrepreneur generating over $7,000 a month, after only 15 months in business. You’ve also heard about Lauren manifesting $10,000 after only 2 weeks in my program and Tabitha doubling her income. And you’ve heard about Eva who co-created $50,000 in cash and assets. 

Financial abundance can be a reality in your business and life!

In the beginning stages of my business, I was impatient and felt a strong sense of urgency to get my business off the ground. So, I decided to start reading books and blogs by the big money experts. But, their advice stressed me out and increased my anxiety about money, instead of relieving it.

Sometimes, I felt like I was being yelled at and judged by these experts. I was looking for a money message that felt more aligned.

There was one person's message that intrigued me. But, when I attended their live event, it felt more like a pep rally to buy more of their products and services, instead of supporting me in creating and selling my own.

I started doubting myself. I wondered if financial success was something that could only happen for other people, but not me. But even with my doubts, I knew I had to keep taking action forward. I wondered...would I ever really be able to figure this out?

3 Common Myths Explained

Let me tell you more about mistakes I've made, and I’ve seen others make, on my journey to a thriving business.

1. The Hard Work Myth: Right before starting my bookkeeping business, I was working in corporate america. And, I was working really hard doing the job of 3 people. You see, growing up, I was taught that working hard would lead to success and financial abundance. As a result, I believed that if I worked hard enough, I’d be rewarded. Some of my closest friends describe me as a high achiever. So I believed if I worked really hard, I’d be doubly rewarded.

Well, was I wrong.

After 4 months on the job, I realized that the way I was working wasn’t sustainable. I was exhausted. So I asked my bosses for help. They considered my request, and the next day, they came back with their answer.

It was a big fat NO.

That’s the moment I realized that what I’d been believing about hard work simply wasn’t true. As a matter of fact, it showed me that all hard work leads to is more and more hard work. Once I realized that working hard was just leading me to more and more hard work and exhaustion, I quit that job. Soon after I quit, I found a solution designed for sustainable financial success. More on that soon…

Here’s some other ways I’ve seen people get tripped up on their path to a thriving business.

2. The Positive Thinking Myth: Positive thinking alone will not lead you to a successful business or a happy life. As a matter of fact, studies show that people who aren't happy with themselves who repeat daily positive affirmations end up feeling worse than people who don’t repeat them. What actually helps you create a thriving business is to recite an effective affirmation statement that's specifically designed to deliver your desired result and keep you feeling good.

3. The Get Rich Quick Myth: It's understandable that you want to make a bunch of cash, quickly. Who wouldn't! But programs making 'get rich quick' promises, don’t work. Programs like that serve to line someone else's pockets, not yours. Trying to find ways to get rich quick, will ultimately cost you more money and time -- not help you have more of them.

So here’s the thing, Love:

The true home of abundance is ease.

The abundance of time freedom you want is in ease. The abundance of creativity you want to experience is in ease. The abundance of money doing work you love is in ease.

Most people believe that they have to struggle and work really hard to make good money doing what they love. Instead, I’ve discovered that embracing a work ethic of ease and only taking high-frequency (i.e. high vibration) actions in your business, is far more effective towards creating a thriving, abundant business that you love.

Working from and in ease has a far-reaching impact in your business and life. It helps you attract the ideal clients, business partners, business opportunities and services, that will serve you co-creating a thriving business, swiftly and with ease.

You don’t have to struggle to business success, if you have the right mindset.

My mindset program, ABUNDANCE WITH EASE, empowers entrepreneurs in their 1st to 3rd year of business say goodbye to the lean years. After going through my program, you’ll co-create more income in your business, feel more financially secure and have the keys to financial freedom.

See you in a few days.

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Simone C.
Money Magnet Mentor & Abundance Coach