how to find money where you least expect it

Hi Love, 

Happy New Year!! Thanks for opening up. If you keep opening up my emails, and following through on the tips I share, 2017 will be your best year yet in your business, financially.

I'm not one for long drawn out, long-winded emails. I like keeping my emails short and sweet. This way, you can watch or listen to the video or audio, and you can expeditiously be on your way to applying my tips, in your business.

Here's what's included in the audio blog this week -- Finding Money Where You Lease Expect It:

  1. How to approach persistent challenges in your finances and life
  2. How the Universe works that contributes to money manifestation
  3. How to create the money you want from where you least expect it

Click here to listen and enjoy!

Simone Craig
Your Money Mindset Mentor & Abundance Coach

P.S. The CoinUP Challenge, where I help entrepreneurs manifest $1,000, in 1 week in their business, starts again on Monday, January 16th. We manifested $11,888 as a group last time!! Click here to join us!

P.S.S. I'm livestreaming on Periscope today at 9AM EST. It's been a while since my last scope. Would love to see you there. The link to my Periscope channel is here ---> XO.