Show me the money!

Hey Love,

If you’ve been following my emails about LinkedIn over the last week or so, then you’re already starting to get a stream of new business connections.

But once you have those connections...what do you do with them?

Today, my good friend Karen Yankovich is releasing the third video of her free workshop, and this is where things get GOOD.

New connections are nice, but what’s really great is new CLIENTS.

And if you’re still thinking of LinkedIn as an old-school, boring, corporate resume...well, you really need to see this.

I had no idea some of these LinkedIn features even existed, but in today’s video, Karen shares the cutting-edge techniques that will help you turn your connections into high-paying clients -- no pitching or selling required!

In today’s video, “LinkedIn With Soul,” you’ll learn how to authentically welcome your new connections into powerful marketing conversations!

Watch now to find out:

  • The super-simple way you can naturally start conversations JUST by giving value (really, it’s amazing how easy this is!)
  • The built-in LinkedIn feature that shows you EXACTLY how to leverage your LinkedIn connections...and even tells you how well you’re doing! (If you’re a bit intimidated by reaching out to new people, you’ll love this as a personal motivation hack!)
  • And the new LinkedIn feature that helps you make great connections in just a few minutes a day (it’s actually MORE fun than procrastinating on Facebook!)

If you’re ready to start transforming those new connections into a stream of high-paying clients...grab this training before it’s gone!


Wealth Expert & Money Coach

P.S. If you're looking for more LinkedIn fun, check out my recent Facebook live with Karen where we chatted about all things LinkedIn and how powerful the platform really is!