A Powerful, Positive Difference in the World (very important, please open!)

Hi Love,

When I first started my mindset business in 2015, the primary way I was getting my message out about money, mindset and empowerment, was through Periscope. Before I'd share my content, I'd open my scopes by saying, "I'm a money mindset mentor and abundance coach, helping entrepreneurs get their minds right and their coin UP so that they can create a powerful, positive difference in the world."

That's not just a line for me. I truly believe in empowering, specifically women entrepreneurs, so they can be forces of positivity in the world. And, I believe in living this myself -- essentially, walking my talk.

This email newsletter reaches people from all over the world. As an online entrepreneur, my business, my work and, most of all, my message impacts my local community, my country and the world. It is a great joy that because of the internet, I'm able to work with people from across the globe, that otherwise I wouldn't have ever met. That's a power in and of itself. And with power comes responsibility.

I want you to know, that as an American citizen and human being, I am horrified by the actions our current elected government has been taking that have national and global implications. And personally, I am taking action in my community, by consistently making my voice known to my local representatives, about what's happening in the United States right now.

Please know that I do not support racist, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic ideals, policies or practices, in any form. That is not who I am, who my team is or what my business is about.

I'm about empathy and compassion, especially for refugees seeking asylum here. I support women's financial empowerment through financial literacy, wealth creation and entrepreneurship. I support women's freedom! And because of my passions and background, I specifically support women's financial freedom.

Thanks for taking the time. I hope you have a great week!

Simone Craig
Money Mindset Mentor & Abundance Coach