did you see this, Love?

Hi Love,

I'm checking in about the email I sent a few days ago about the price increase on August 18th.

I'll be increasing my prices to more accurately reflect the value my clients are getting from my programs and services, and to make way for improved offerings coming your way

This pricing change will not affect your current payment schedule; you are grandfathered into your current payment plan. But as a current customer, I want to keep you informed about the change. And, I want to ensure that you know about the full range of my current offerings that are available. Here's a list of my current offerings.

If you're interested in another product or service, I'm happy to honor my old pricing through August 17th.  

Make a deposit towards a program or service now and I'll lock you in the old pricing for whenever you're ready to start.

I love working with you and I look forward to continuing to see you improve your money mindset and increase your bank account.

If you have any questions about pricing changes, feel free to respond to this email. I'll respond quickly.

Simone 'Upleveling' Craig
Your Money Coach