This is going to be AH.MAZING. – can you make it??

Hi Love,

Happy Monday! So I'm curious...

Have you ever struggled with earning, saving or even using money? Have you ever peeked over your financial fence and wondered why the grass was greener on the other side?

We all have. I can remember when, even though I had an accounting degree, a great corporate gig and a brand new BMW right out of college, a few months after graduating, I still found myself broke. I could barely pay my bills. My credit went down the tubes. Not. Fun. Times.

That’s why I said, 'Count me in!', when my friend Cambria Berger asked me to be interviewed and share my insights on the subject in her upcoming online summit:

The Gold Within You – How to Release Money Blocks, Elevate Your Wealth Consciousness and Attract Money Like Crazy!

Love, any and all effective ways possible to continue to share opportunities for you to get your mind right and coin UP, so that you can enjoy the abundant business and life you desire, I say YES to!

Cambria is a certified Law of Attraction and fellow Money Coach, as well as an entrepreneur. Through this summit, we're committed to shifting the conversation around money and wealth from one of struggle to one of empowerment.  

I am one of over 20 other experts who have been interviewed on all aspects of the money conversation! There is something for everyone!

I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend.  You can register using this link ( AND you can watch from anywhere!

This event is for anyone who wants to improve her or his current relationship with money and wealth creation.

Here is a snapshot of what is going to be covered in the series:

  • How to recognize your money blocks and take action on releasing them
  • Learn about and implement systems to help your personal or business finances grow and thrive
  • How service and contribution can be paramount to growing a profitable business
  • How to ‘attract’ money, and what that really means
  • How your mindset IS the Gold Within You!

This is a phenomenal opportunity! There is too much content to outline here! Talk soon!

Simone Craig
Your Money Coach

P.S. The line up is fantastic!  You'll receive tremendous value and actionable steps with these experts!

P.P.S. Here's your first tip: Grab opportunities to be mentored by those who have walked the path and love to be of service! Join me!(